Our Services

Engineering & Civil Construction

At BNWalker we combine decades of experience with the latest tools and techniques to deliver high quality outcomes for some of New Zealand’s most challenging engineering projects. BNWalker can provide engineering and construction surveying solutions for projects including:


  • Building Setouts
  • Railway Alignments
  • Concrete Formwork Setout
  • Bridge Construction
  • Hold Down Bolts
  • Project Audit Surveying
  • Structural Steel Erection
  • Drainage Construction
  • Road Formation
  • Structural Deformation Monitoring
  • Road Alignment Design
  • Mechanical & Industrial Alignment

Underground Service Detection & Mapping

BNWalker has access to the latest detection technology, allowing us to locate, mark up, and survey underground services at the same time. This means that our process can save you logistical planning, time, and ultimately considerable money.

Open Cast Mining Surveying

There is confidence in knowing you have all the information up front, so that your mining project can get off to the right start. Our knowledge and experience are why BNWalker has been so successful in working with mining projects to deliver services such as:

  • Open cut surveying
  • Survey control networks for mine sites
  • Exploration borehole set out and location surveys
  • Legislative advice and preparation of mining lease applications
  • Setout of lease boundaries
  • Fixed plant alignment and monitoring
  • Volumetric surveys and flyover reconciliations
  • Structural deformation monitoring
  • Mine audit surveys

Laser Scanning

From vast open expanses to built-up urban survey challenges, our laser scanning system can produce top shelf survey information quickly and risk-free.
Laser scanning is an effective means of delivering survey information for:

  • Internal and external building surveys
  • Topographical surveys
  • Industrial plant and pipework surveys
  • Architecture
  • Historic building restoration
  • Open pit mine surveys
  • Accident incident surveys
  • Stockpile and volume surveys
  • Feature surveys
  • Plant and fixed structure surveys

Marine Construction Surveying

BNWalker has a wealth of experience in the marine surveying sector – both on land and on the water. This experience, combined with the knowledge and expertise gained in the construction and repair in a range of craft (from super yachts to massive dredgers), means we have the ability to care for all of your marine surveying needs.

  • Wharf construction
  • Structural monitoring
  • Piling setout
  • Audit surveying
  • Dredging surveys
  • Water sports course layout and design


At BNWalker we work with our clients to ensure the most appropriate and fit-for-purpose solutions are developed, implemented and managed.

We offer a comprehensive monitoring system to identify any movement or deformation infrastructure before, during, and after construction projects.

Our monitoring services can add value to your project by:

  • Precisely measuring movement, settlement and shortening of structures
  • Capturing moving or vibrating structures
  • Improving safety with the ability to quantify deformation resulting from construction activities
  • Giving you real-time access to movement data from anywhere, at any time
  • Automatic data logging and reporting
  • Combining traditional monitoring techniques with geotechnical sensors mean measurements can be verified for years into the future without direct access to the site
  • SMS alerts can give you early warnings of site issues to safely evacuate

Design & Drafting

With a high level of technical skills, the team at BNWalker is experienced in delivering practical and well-considered results.

We bring our considerable experience to the fore to meet your design requirements.

Good design shouldn't be an exercise in the theoretical - we have wisdom that can only be acquired through operating in the real world.

Our areas of design expertise are:
  • Feature survey plans
  • Road alignment design and drafting
  • Project dimension audit and verification

Architectural Heritage

Often heritage projects are heavily reliant on old, outdated plans that do not reflect what was built.

These projects usually require tie-in with a heritage structure, and confirmation the site has not been disturbed through rejuvenation. Using laser scanning, we can rapidly, discreetly and safely capture the existing conditions of the site and provide you with 3D models, CAD plans and digital records for construction, auditing or tie-in services.

Our ability to deliver existing conditions data efficiently and effectively means we can show you any change in the structure over time – such as before and after, or even at set intervals during construction.

Laser scanning gives you the flexibility and confidence that your project will preserve and maintain historically significant components of the project, without impacting on your construction or project workflow.