About Us

About BNWalker Surveying

BNWalker Surveying is an industry leader in providing quality, efficient and relevant local surveying information to the Greater Auckland, as well as the wider communities throughout New Zealand, Australia and the Pacific Basin.


Our professional team and associate companies combine decades of experience using a combination of “tried and proven” techniques along with the latest equipment and technology to deliver high quality survey solutions.


We can provide a team able to meet the varying speeds and program challenges of the building and civil construction industry. This means producing surveys that ensure the quality, safety and success of a wide range of projects. From the initial planning stages, through the execution of control and systems implementation, BNWalker Surveying has the expertise to manage an entire project or site, and to ensure accurate and positive outcomes for our clients.


Our historical links, forged through many hundreds of successful projects undertaken since 1984, also offer clients access to many of New Zealand’s leading design consultants, construction, and engineering talent, while providing personal service and local expertise.


BNWalker Surveying has the capability and experience to deliver survey solutions for engineering, general building construction, high-rise vertical construction, building information modelling (BIM), civil, marine, mechanical, open cast/pit mining, cadastral, and land development projects.



Who We Are

BNWalker Surveying was established in 1987 by Bruce Walker, initially to service the high-rise and civil construction industries.


The company has provided over 30 years of successful surveying services to local, national and international government and privately owned design consultants, construction, mining, and various sporting, cultural, and community organisations throughout New Zealand, Australia and the Pacific Basin.


We put focused energy into identifying a client’s needs, whether they be mainstream project typical, or uniquely project specific in their qualities, and to provide well-planned, timely, accurate and transparent survey solutions.


We are intuitive and progressive in meeting the challenges associated with the industry, and provide a level of expertise and experience which gives our clients the reassurance that the highest quality standards are met, from inception to completion of all projects – “safely and correctly first time, on time, every time”.



Our Values

  • The delivery of highly professional services is critical to the success of the company. Our people are our most valuable asset. We strive at all times to be an “Employer of Choice”, and to invest in the future of our people, including the fresh talent we are nurturing.
  • Developing a safe and regularly monitored working environment for our staff through compliance processes, training, workshops, encouragement to continually appraise, update and develop safe work procedures.
  • Our philosophy towards safety is guided by our core belief that our staff should “Get Thinking Safety, Get Safe in the workplace, Get Home Safe”. Make safety a way of life, every day, at work and at home.
  • We achieve sustainability when we make an enduring positive difference to our people, our clients, and company performance.
  • We gain respect when we earn the trust of our colleagues through collaboration, listening, and working as a team.
  • We do not compromise on quality. Great performance can be achieved when we are client-focused, professional, care about the quality of our work, and innovative in our approach.
  • A company is accountable when it takes responsibility for it’s performance, takes pride in what it does, and helps the client organisation achieve its goals. A strong commitment to excellence has been the foundation of the long-standing relationships that we have established with so many of our clients since 1984.
  • Everyone in our team, from the vital innovative field teams, to directors and management staff, are all fully committed to focusing on our client’s requirements and doing what it takes to consistently deliver top quality projects.
  • Long before the first mark is set-out, or the first as-built reading is taken, the BNWalker team have started forming the client’s vision into a successful, functional and breath-taking project.